Contemporary discourse is fraught with conflicting notions of green. To some, sustainability is a prophesy, that if we do not redirect full attention to treading more lightly, the world is sure to perrish. To others, it is debilitating to advancement, like a hand tied behind their back. Neither extreme is terribly productive in setting forth. The world will be fine. Current modes of human civilization however, are certainly at greater risk, and our position as designers should be to shed new light on alternative methods for mitigating future disasters, or at least softening their blow on effected populations. To that end, Green Design seeks to encourage productive discourse concerning the roll of sustainability in designing our environments, be they geologic, artificial, or biological. Emphasis this year will be put on systems thinking, relationships between architecture, landscape, the urban and the rural.

We do things:

 +EVENTS such as public conversation series that will probe and challenge contemporary issues, green jobs talks, field trips and film screenings. booze and food will be present. 

+SUPPORT individual and student groups such as a new bee-hive for the GSD roof, and maintain an ongoing relationship with the facilities and staff led GSD GREEN TEAM to support GSD’s commitment to energy and waste reduction.

+COLLABORATE with student-led groups at other Harvard schools and seek relationships with Boston area institutions.


Apoorv Goyal

Apoorv is in 2nd year MDesS (Energy and Environments) and is interested in sustainability at an urban scale. He research involves looking at entropy production in cities.  


Thomas Sherman (Co-Chair)

Tom is an architect interested in the multi-scalar interactions between society and the environment, and in particular the energy implications of design. His recent work has focused on embodied energy analysis and wood use in architecture.


Arta Yazdanseta (Co-Chair)


Keojin Jin (Co-Chair)


Previous Heads

Dan Weissman (Co-Chair)

Elliot Glassman (Co-Chair)

Hallie Chen