[75W-103E] Adventures in the Vernacular

Are you interested in :
1) applying to the SOM prize?
2) beautiful travel photos and analysis drawings through the lens of an architect?
3) forms of climate mediation in vernacular architecture in locations of cultural exchange?
4) all of the above?

then come to GSD Green Design's lecture series tomorrow:
[75W-103E] Adventures in the Vernacular: Investigative Observations in Residential Climate Mediation

Tuesday April, 10 2012
Room 124

Marilyn W. Moedinger is the 2010 SOM Grand Prize Fellow, Architect at Utile Inc, and Degree Project studio instructor at the Boston Architectural College. Marilyn is researching climate mediation strategies in vernacular residential architecture in an effort to discern the tipping point between climate and culture, in a series of interconnected sites along a line of longitude. Her work employs both quantitative and qualitative analysis, ultimately hybridizing the two into multi-layered, graphical evidence of field investigation and post-field processing, presenting tangible evidence, and a re-imagined understanding, of the architectural inquiry process. She graduated in 2010 with a Master in Architecture from the University of Virginia.