Behind the Smart Grid - A Backbone and Regulations and Standards

The Smart Grid can be a profound transformation of the current electricity system.  However, how is it put together?  Like the Internet, where familiar standardized protocols such as TCP/IP enabled revolutionary growth, the same is also possible in the Smart Grid.  There is a complex process underway to set these standards.  Noted Energy Lawyer Professor Eisen, writer of a leading energy law text Energy, Economics and the Environment, is taking a key role in this effort.  He has consulted for numerous utilities, companies, and federal and state regulators on these issues. He is coming to visit Harvard Law School and will be giving a talk on this topic March 6th.  Come and learn about this exciting new area of work.  Lunch (non-pizza) will be served!

Organizer: Harvard Environmental Law Society
Talk Location: Harvard Law School, Wasserstein Hall, Room 2012
Time: March 6th, 12-1PM
Contact: Sachin Desai (; 347-735-3008)

Speaker Coffee Talk: For those interested, we will also have a separate Coffee-Talk with the Speaker, Prof. Eisen, at 4:30 to 5:30 at the Wasserstein Pub. Feel free to come in for a bit before or after class.